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Acrylic Dog Tags

Perfect for keeping your dog's details on their collar
Available in small, medium and large as well as orange, green and red colours

Fleece dog toy Castell Ci Creations Twis

Fleece dog toys

great for tug, fun and scent work


Biothane Long Line

Dirt, mud, sand, and water-resistant.
Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 meter lengths and in a variety of colour options. More expensive than the fabric ones but better for constant walks in or near water or in bad weather. They also don't get heavier when wet and are wipe clean.

Handle is also available on request

Lead Hanger Castell Ci Creations.jpeg

Lead hanger

Perfect for keeping your dog's leads in the right place - personalised

Thistle and Figgs, Spaniel, Springer, Co

Pet photography

Perfect shots of your gorgeous pooch


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For you and your dog - training equipment


2 meter Halti training lead


Perfect Fit front clip harness


Clix 10 meter long line


Acme 210.5 Whistle


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For you and your dog - toys & enrichment



We wouldn't be without them. Fantastic chew toys for dogs and puppies, available in a variety of sizes and strengths.
The black ones are the strongest, followed by red, and the blue/pink are for puppies
If ordering for puppies it is a good idea to go a size up from what they initially need


Nina Ottosson Games

Ideal for giving your dog mental stimulation and making their food go further. Also good for dogs that usually gulp their food, available in a variety of difficulty levels. And the plastic ones are top shelf dishwasher safe too.


Treat ball

Great for making your dog's dinner last longer and great fun for them too


Kong Ultra Ball

Sturdy and fun. Lasts a lot longer than a tennis ball!


Mega balls

Extra thick walled with an outer layer that doesn't wear down your dog's teeth. The creme de la creme of tennins balls!


Tug-E-Nuff Pocket Bungee Sheepskin Ball Tug

Brilliant toys that last and almost any dog can't resist. The bungee really helps with shock absorbance too.


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For you and your dog - walking gear


Earth Rated Biodegradable poo bags

Ideal for taking on walks for picking up dog poo. Extra thick, leakproof, compostable and BPI approved.


Walking bag

Brilliant, spacious, water resistant and multiuse


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For you and your dog - food & treats


Butternut Box

Fresh frozen lightly cooked dog food portioned for your dog and delivered to your door on subscription. Great for fussy eaters


Ci Food

A really good quality dry and wet food. Variety of protein sources and sizes


Pet Munchies

Great dried training treats in a variety of flavours. both small and larger treats available


JR Pate

Healthy, high value, soft training treat


Local Suppliers & Businesses 


Doggy Depot

Great pet shop with lots of variety


Carmarthen Veterinary Centre

A great local veterinary hospital


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Castell Ci Creations

Hand and laser made products.
Personalised: slate coasters, wooden cheese boards, slate house signs, lead and medal hangers, rosettes and more.


Perry Bespoke Photography

Pet photography from a master photographer. Capturing beautiful memories.


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