By using any of Muddy Muttz Dog Trainings services or any service rendered by Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its staff you agree to abide by and accept our terms in full as outlined below - Terms updated 1/2022



Payment confirms booking, your space will not be held until full payment is received.
One to one and behaviour sessions require a non refundable booking fee of £25 at the time of booking. This fee is taken off your session fee on completion of your session on the agreed date and time.
We accept payment via bank transfer or cash.
There is a limit to number of dogs per class, this is stated in the class information.
Please ensure you are available for the dates of the classes as failure to attend will not result in a refund unless under extenuating circumstances at our discretion.
We have the right to refuse to train an individual or dog.
If you use harsh training methods or do not listen to the instructor you may be asked to leave the class without any chance of refund or reimbursement.
If Muddy Muttz Dog Training has to cancel a class or set of classes due to causes including but not limited to weather conditions, safety, or facilities we will reschedule the class. Muddy Muttz Dog Training cannot be held liable for any losses of time or of a financial nature resulting from these events.
As with any training Muddy Muttz Dog Training cannot guarantee long term success resulting from any service from Muddy Muttz Dog Training. By booking a service the owner/handler/client is committing to continuing the agreed training and using an applying any advice/technique/recommendation provided by Muddy Muttz Dog Training. Failure to do this is not the responsibility or liability of Muddy Muttz Dog Training. The client's failure to continue the training recommended/provided by Muddy Muttz Dog Training cannot, will not and does not reflect on Muddy Muttz Dog Training.

Class & Service Terms

Dogs must be under the control of the handler at all times and must not be allowed to be a nuisance to other handlers or dogs
Give other dogs space, not all dogs are as friendly as yours!
Equipment is not to be used without an instructor present and their direction.
No choke chains, prong collars, spray, or shock collars are to be used or worn. Any person found to be ill-treating, causing distress, or suffering to any dog will be asked to leave promptly without any chance of refund.
Any dog suffering from a contagious disease cannot attend class. please wait a minimum of 10 days after your dog stops coughing if they have had kennel cough before bringing your dog back to class.
Sensible footwear and clothing must be worn.
All training is based on positive, science-based, force-free principles and should be a good experience for both dog and handler.
Results are not guaranteed. The client is responsible for continuing the training set out by the instructor. 
Please ensure you have suitable rewards for your dog in each class (this could be praise/fuss, treats, or toys).
You are required to pick up and take home any mess made by your dog.
If you have booked a package remaining sessions after your initial session must be taken within the time limit stated in the information/description. It is not Muddy Muttz Dog Training's responsibility to ensure follow-up sessions are booked/taken within this time. If you do not book within this time your sessions will be lost without refund/exchange.
All incidents must be reported to the instructor immediately. Muddy Muttz Dog Training takes no responsibility/liability for any incidence that is not reported at the time or is not connected to the current service provided by Muddy Muttz Dog Training.

Payments and Refunds

Full payment is required to secure your space in any of our services except if stated elsewhere in this document.
Payment for classes must be made the last week of the previous course of 8 weeks if you want to guarantee your space in the next class.
Prices subject to change without notice. Price at time of booking applies.
All sessions must be paid for in advance unless otherwise agreed.
Payment accepted via bank transfer, PayPal, card payment or cash.
We require a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation of any of our services. Classes require 7 working days notice.
If you cancel after this time full payment will still be required.
Refunds are at the discretion of Muddy Muttz Dog Training and all refunds are subject to a 25% processing fee.
If your dog is unable to attend due to injury/illness Muddy Muttz Dog Training will provide you with a credit towards other services. This credit is given at the discretion of Muddy Muttz Dog Training. This credit when given is only valid for the year of the original service booked.
If Muddy Muttz Dog training cancel a class due to weather/safety you will, be credited for the equivalent lost service.
Muddy Muttz Dog Training is not liable for cancellations or failure to provide service resulting from circumstances out of our control including but not limited to weather conditions, road conditions, accidents natural or man made.
There are no make-up sessions available if you miss a class in one of our courses (our standard course is a booked period of 8 weeks over set dates and times.) You are welcome to sit in on other classes by prior arrangement, but this must be without your dog.
In the event a class has low enrollment, Muddy Muttz Dog Training will either email or call you at least 2 days before your class begins to let you know there is a possibility the class may be cancelled or postponed.
If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, we can either transfer you into a new class, give you credit towards other services to the value of your booking or offer a full refund.


Muddy Muttz Dog Training accepts no liability in any form for accidents, illness or injury, or damage resulting from attending any of our services.
The owner/handler of each dog is responsible and liable for the actions connected to their dog and any persons in their care.
It is the responsibility of the owner/handler to ensure their equipment is correct, safe and correctly fitted. Muddy Muttz Dog training is not responsible or liable for any issues arising from ill fitted equipment or equipment failure.
If the client fails to apply the recommendation/training of Muddy Muttz Dog Training correctly/safely Muddy Muttz Dog Training is not liable for any resulting issues or incidents.
By using any service provided by Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its representatives you are accepting these, and all terms of service and terms and conditions set forth by Muddy Muttz Dog Training
It is always the responsibility of the owner/handler to work within their dog's accepted, perceived or arranged limits. Failure to do this is solely the clients/owners/handlers liability.

Duty of Care

It is the owner/handler of each dogs responsibility to ensure correct usage of equipment and to ask how to use if unsure.
The dog's owner/handler is solely responsible for the care, safety and actions of their dog including any consequences resulting from any incident caused in full or part by the dog.
The dog's owner/handler is responsible to inform Muddy Muttz Dog Training and their trainers if they do not feel it would be suitable for the dog to be let off lead.
It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to have control over all miners (under 18 years) in their care. This includes but is not limited to ensuring the aforementioned minors do not obstruct or interfere in any class/workshop/event/service they are in attendance of, and they do not use or play with any equipment without prior permission and knowledge of Muddy Muttz Dog Training and their trainer/s.
The parent/guardian will be liable for any damages resulting from their actions.

House & Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Visits

I authorize these terms to be valid approval for future services so as to permit Muddy Muttz Dog Training to enter my premises without additional signed contracts or written authorization other than the initial signed agreement. I will contact Muddy Muttz Dog Training on my return from being away (if applicable).
Information provided
I the client agree that any and all relevant information provided to Muddy Muttz Dog Training is in full and correct to the best of my knowledge, the client will be held responsible and liable for any problems, damages or injuries caused by their pet/property due to incorrect or information the client failed to provided to Muddy Muttz Dog Training.
Muddy Muttz Dog Training will ask for 25% of the service cost as a non refundable deposit at the time of booking, in the case of cancellation Muddy Muttz Dog Training can chose to refund part or all of this fee if they can book replacement services for the canceled dates but this is at the desecration of Muddy Muttz Dog Training.
Our standard service allows Muddy Muttz Dog Training to leave your house for short periods for an average of no more than 4 hours per 24 hour period for the duration of the service. A further charge may be levied by Muddy Muttz Dog Training if the client is insistent that Muddy Muttz Dog Training is in attendance at all times for the duration of the service, with the exception of emergencies.
These terms and conditions can be amended or updated by Muddy Muttz Dog Training without the requirement to
informing/notify the client or clients.
The client understands the first and primary responsibility of Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its representatives is the safety of pets in their care and the representatives themselves.
I the client agree to Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its representatives holding a key/s for the purpose of rendering there agreed service, and that Muddy Muttz Dog Training will retain that key/s until requested. Muddy Muttz Dog Training holds no liability for for loss or damage of key or keys left in their care.

Data Protection

Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its partners promise to protect clients data to the fullest of its ability and will not and never will sell or pass on client data to any third party's.
Muddy Mutts Dog Training will only retain the data needed to provide its services to its clients and any marketing data collected in the posses of any event or promotion will only be held for the period of one year unless agreed to by the client in questions.
Data can be removed from our records at the written request of the client in question

Photo & Media Release

Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its partners may and often will take promotional and educational video and photographs during its services and by using our services you accept and waive any rights, clients may request not to be identified in any promotional marital put out by Muddy Muttz Dog Training but this does not apply to group or session shots of group classes or services.
Any minors in attendance are in the car of the parent or guardian and it is the aforementioned parent or gardens responsibility to make sure that they are not included in this coverage in the case that the parent or guardian does not wish the minors to be recorded in photo or video media

Security and Abuse

In the event and/or time that a member of the Muddy Muttz Dog Training team feels that the situation or communication becomes abusive or unsafe in any way (including to the mental health of any parties involved) the service and communication will be terminated and no refund or rebooking will occur.

Muddy Muttz Dog Training will not accept any abuse aimed at its team in any form and withholds the right in situations of abusive nature to inform other professionals of the abusive nature of the client to mitigate the risk to other animal professionals in the area, this right is given upon acceptance of Muddy Muttz Dog Training T&C/s and is not a breach therefor of the clients GDPR or data protection.

Whereas Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its team understand that the situations that clients are in during behaviour issues can be stressful it reserves the right to cancel without refund any service whereas the client or parties connected with the client becomes abusive.

Safety for all involved is the top priority as such Muddy Muttz Dog Training reserves the right to have a second member/ associate in attendance to any booking or appointments and also reserves the right to record any calls between Muddy Muttz Dog Training and its clients via any of its approved communication methors.