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Any breed can be trained

There is a lot of people that believe that certain breeds of dog cannot be trained or will never be trained to do certain things.

This is simply not true.

Sure if you want a beagle herding sheep or a cavalier guarding the house you have your work cut out for you, and lets be honest you would be better with a different breed of dog. But if you want your dog trained as a pet, then any breed can be trained for this.

Huskeys and beagles can come back when you ask, springers can walk nicely on (and off) lead, collies don't have to herd every dog or car that they see, mini schnauzers can be quiet, and even a lap dog can learn to sleep on their own bed!

It may take a bit more work but it can definitely be done!

If you are in West Wales and would like help with one of these types of issues give us a call or email to discuss the best option to help you and your dog over this barrier to enjoying each other to the fullest.

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