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What is a perfect dog?

A dream dog, one we can take anywhere, who will love everyone, and play with every other dog, have fantastic manners, not chase anything, behave when asked and never put a paw out of place.

But how do you get to this point? And is it really achievable for each and every dog?

Not every dog can get to this, in fact I don't think I know one 'perfect' dog that never does something 'wrong'. But I know plenty of dogs who are perfect for their owners, or are on their way there.

Every dog is different, they have different genetics, upbringings, home life and expectations, especially if they are a rescue and changed homes many times in their life.

But we want the ideal dog each time, and for some dogs this just isn't possible.

Thinking about what would be the ideal dog, comfortable and obedient in each circumstance, brings to mind a guide dog. They are trained so well in all of these areas. but remember this takes a lot of time and effort from people who are well adept at training this. And even then not every dog they put through this process is used as a guide dog, some aspect of the dog doesn't allow for it, maybe they are scared of something, over excited, not up to focusing for so many hours a day, there are so many reasons. Yet we pet owners expect this of our pet dogs without this training.

While this is possible for some dogs think about your dog and what your dog is happy with, if he isn't comfortable sitting at the pub with lots of people surrounding him you have two options - leave him at home for a couple hours safe and relaxed, or train him to be comfortable in this environment. this may be fairly quick, easy training with an 8 week old pup, but if you have an adult dog this involves a lot of work.

So, thinking about this in relation to your dog before taking him out to all these places and expecting these things out of him may be benificial, and yes he may not be able to go everywhere you want, but if you can have more fun with him at the places he can go isn't that worth a bit of time at home on the sofa cuddled up rather than at the pub?

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