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Snow Days- Tips for safety in winter weather

Now that we are actually getting cold weather here are a few tips we thought would be useful to help your pups through it.

1. Dog coats - many dogs benefit from a coat in this weather, if they are small or short coated they may feel the cold very quickly so have a look around at what is about.

2. Shorter walks - Dogs feel the cold as well as us so keeping them out in temperatures they aren't used to isn't always fun. Instead why not try some brain games in the house to help use up some of that energy. You can also go for more short walks too if you have the time.

3. High vis - As the evenings are dark getting a high vis or reflective harness or coat for your dog is always a good idea to ensure they are seen and you can see them especially if you let them off.

4. Keep dogs on lead around water - Apart from being very cold some water has a thin layer of ice on it which can be dangerous to dogs, so for both these reasons it is best to keep your dogs away from water in freezing temperatures. If your dog loves water and would miss it why not try a local hydrotherapy fun swim.

5. Wash paws - With the gritters about after walks on roads wash off your dogs paws after a road or pavement walk. This will stop them licking it off and ingesting lots of salt.

6. Make sure you wrap up warm. It's all good wrapping the dog up but remember to wrap yourself up in this weather too!

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