The perfect pet dog

November 2, 2018

Many dog owners have an ideal dog in their mind. What they want from their dog as a pet. Usually this includes cuddles on the sofa, walks on the beach, sitting at a cafe having a cuppa with their dog lying at their feet, their dog playing with their children.


The good thing is there is no set list of things a dog must or must not do to make them a perfect pet dog.


Many dog trainers and dog owners will tell you that a good dog will not jump up, but I love that my dogs will jump into my arms. Many will say the dog is not allowed on the bed, but I miss it when my dogs aren't on our bed.


Do I have a bad dog?



I have a dog that is perfect for me.


And this is what you need to remember. If you have a dog with problems or behaviours that you don't like, then you need to work on this. But if you have a dog you are completely happy with, the you have the perfect dog for you. Which is fantastic.