Online Services & Resources

Dog training is essential as well as great fun, but sometimes you can't get to in person sessions, so we have introduced an online element to our business to help as many owners and dogs as we can along their journey


Trick Awards

Do you have a smart dog, one who likes to show off or want to teach your dog to be a superstar? This is for you. Our trick awards start at Novice and go up to Champion so is suitable for all levels


Challenge Award Medals

Fancy doing something with your dog and getting a reward yourself? This is for you


Video Series

From puppy socialising to gundog basics, basic obedience to help hounds these video series are great for those wanting some help with their training

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Good Dog Awards

Show off how well your dog responds to you by working towards our Good Dog awards. These include walking nicely on lead, coming when called, leaving food and more that we would like from our pet dogs

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Useful Products/Shop

What we find useful for many dogs and owners as well as a few fun things


Essential Guides

Helpful guides to get you started