One to One Training Sessions

Helping you Enjoy your Dog

Training sessions are 1 hour sessions covering the basics of owning a dog including house manners, lead walking, stay, recall (come when called), puppy problems, toileting in the house, excessive barking and leave it. If you have mastered the basics and would like to try more advanced training such as send to bed, emergency stop, distance control, off lead walking and more you can use these sessions for this as well.

These sessions can be at your home or our field.

We also offer Agility and Rally-O 1-1 sessions at our field.

Training sessions are £65 per session, if you require more than one session have a look at our packages below to save.

If you require written notes from your session these can be emailed to you for a £10 charge.

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Behaviour Sessions

Helping you Enjoy your Dog

Our behaviour sessions are a 30-minute video/phone call, an approx 1 hour plus a 1 hour follow-up session 1-2 weeks after your initial session and these sessions are much more in depth.

In these sessions we can cover:

Aggression/reactivity towards other dogs, animals or humans. Note: if your dog has done serious damage we can recommend a clinical behaviourist. (Serious damage is levels 4/5/6 on the bite scale)

Guarding of food, toys, spaces etc.
Obsessive behaviours such as light/shadow chasing or excessive barking.
Fears such as of noises or being left along (separation anxiety)

If your dog has multiple issues we will discuss with you the most important to help you with first and will cover the others if there is time, this may need more than one behaviour session if the other issues are serious, or it may need just a 1-1 session, this is based on each dog and owner individually.

We cover management techniques that you can apply to any situation, as well as training techniques to help your dog and you overcome the issues you are having.

We talk you through each technique, give you a demo with your dog and get you to try it out so we can help you perfect each one.

If the behaviour has come on suddenly please get your dog checked out by your vet before having a behaviour session, illness and injury can change a dog’s personality especially if they are in pain.

All sessions are tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs, we give you the tools to train your dog, help build the bond between you and enjoy yourselves.

Behaviour sessions are £245

per session, and include:

  • An initial 30 minute video/phone session to go through any pre session needs.

  • 1 hour approx session at your home - includes history and more detailed information on issues, management strategies that can be applied straight away, exercises/ training to change your dog's behaviour with demos where required, and a final questions time if needed.

  • Notes emailed you to so you can look back and refer to them if requested

  • A follow-up session 1-2 weeks after your initial session

  • 4 months WhatsApp/email support after your session with a call back as required.

  • Option to book more follow up sessions at a reduced rate

Extra follow up sessions are usually 1 hour training sessions booked in blocks of 3 for £160

Travel is charged for all sessions if location is over 15 minutes from SA39 9BX

To see our FAQs scroll down this page

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Save money and keep focused

1-1 Bronze Package

3x  1 hour 1-1 sessions taken within 2 months of the first session

£170 (save £25)

(suitable for any common issue - recall, lead walking, frustration general lack of focus - not suitable for reactive dogs unless as a follow up to a behaviour session) 

1-1 Silver Package

5 x 1 hour 1-1 sessions taken within 3 months of the first session

plus 3 months support (WhatsApp video/text/callbacks as needed) 

£255 (save £70)

Ideal for any issue including after a behaviour session to help you keep improving and on track

Puppy Package

1 x ​online 45 minute video/phone call either before or after you get your puppy

1 x at home (subject to CV19 restrictions) 1-1 

2 x out and about 1-1s 

plus 3 months support (WhatsApp video/text/callbacks as needed) 

£250 (save £36)

all sessions must be taken within 2 months of the initial video/phone call

Ideal for new puppies and rescue dogs 

Phone Consultation, Dog Training Phone C

Dog Training Phone/Video Consultation

Dog Training Advice from your Armchair

Do you have a question about your dog’s training? How far you can go with your dog? Want to start your training right away?

Would you like advice on how to settle a new puppy into your home? Or deciding between a puppy and a rescue dog?
Need help on house training or play biting?

A phone/video consultation can be a valuable starting point for advice but please note that it is not a substitute for in-person dog training, especially with dog behaviour issues.

Phone consultations are:

20 minutes for £35

45 minutes for £45

1 hour for £55

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Thanks so much for this.  We are making definite progress.  Joshua seems much happier and calmer, and on the three occasions when he’s bolted out the door the last few days, he’s come back when called.  Much less open mouth and almost no teeth.  Yippee!  The cars and bikes problem is much improved too.  We've even walked around a park in public with lots of other dogs, some running about off lead, and with the help of LOTS of dog food, had almost no big reactions. You are geniuses.

Gayle & Joshua


Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on your dog and how many issues we are helping you with, but generally most people will need one behaviour session, often with either a few follow up 1-1 sessions or classes after to continue your dog's training
With our dog training sessions many people will only need one or two to get them on track then a couple more to build on their training. 

Some owners opt for classes or workshops after these initial 1-1 sessions if they wish to work more on their dogs training or to cover other training with their dog

Where will the session take place?

Behaviour sessions usually take place at your home/local walk as this is where you are having the issues with your dog
Training sessions can take place at your home, local walk or our paddock depending on your preference

What type of training do you use?

We use a variety of positive, science based methods suited to you and your dog. We do not use choke, shock or prong collars or similar, and we will not ask you do do something that will cause your dog harm or to fear you

I think I am making my dog's problem worse, can you train me too?

This is a common thought especially among owners of reactive dogs, and yes we work with you as well as your dog to help overcome these issues

My dog isn't a bad dog, why do I need a behaviour session?

No dog is 'bad', they just have issues to work through. A behaviour session is designed to help you and your dog through these so that everyone can see the loving, good, happy dog you see at home.
Our behaviour sessions are ideal for helping with issues stated above and for if you would like more in depth advice on one specific issue

How long will it take until I can see improvement?

This entirly depends on you and your dog, and how much training you can put in.
There is almost always improvement in your session that you will be able to see, long term does depend on you and what you can put into your training with your dog as well as your dog's speed and ability to take in new things and how anxious / worried your dog may be

I have a mobility problem, will this still work for me?

Yes of course, we can taylor our training for your needs, as long as you make us aware of them.
Please do let us know either on booking or at the start of your session so we don't show you things that you are unable to do

I am a visual learner, can you demonstrate what you are saying?

Yes, where possible we show you how to do what we are asking, then get you to try it out a few times and tweek where needed while we are there to ensure you have the best understanding and get the most from your session

Are you sure this will work for me and my dog?

As dogs are their own beings we cannot guarentee success, however we have seen improvement with all the dogs we have helped, and overcome many issues. the majority of dogs and owners this will work for.
If you want to use force or scare tactics to get your dog to listen then our sessions won't work as we don't use this in our training. It also won't work if you don't listen or have questions but don't ask them

How do I prepare for my session?

There are a few things you can do to make your session less stressful. First, hand feed your dog each meal, this will help get your dog more focused on your hands and therefore make training easier (spoon feed if you feed wet or raw)
You can also get everything ready well before your session so you are not stressing and having to find everything when we turn up.
Have ready some of your dogs normal food, some really tasty treats cut up small, a favourite toy, their normal walking collar, harness, lead etc and anything else we ask you to when you book

How do I book in follow up/the next session in my package?

After the initial session (in-person/phone/video) we will book in your next session at a time/date to suit both parties. At the end of each subsequent session, we ask when you would like to book in. This can be booked at this time or if you prefer to wait and book in a few days later this is fine too. If you choose to wait we recommend putting a reminder on your phone/calendar to ensure you don't miss your next session as we cannot always chase for bookings during busy periods.


Firstly, can I say a big thank you for visiting my Mum, Val,  to help with her problem walking her rescue Bischon. She was really chuffed with the guidance you gave her and is really positive about her way forward and the "tips " you gave her in general with both her dogs.  She wouldn't hesitate to recommend you!

Val & Lottie