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Growly Dog Classes

To help owners with dog reactive dogs

Many dogs have reactivity issues around other dogs. This may include growling, snarling, barking, lunging, cowering, whining or being really stiff and still.
Owners with dogs showing these behaviours often feel worried, scared, alone, and unable to cope.
Our Growly Dog Class offers help for both owner and dog. Held outside there is plenty of space to start with and two trainers on hand to help.
By the end of this course, you and your dog will have coping methods to deal with many situations involving other dogs and both be happier and more relaxed when you see or meet another dog.
The class involves a phone consultation to ensure this class is suitable for you and your dog, prep work for at least 1 week beforehand and homework each week to ensure you both get the most benefits from this class. 
Class is held in Dolgran and is £175 for a 6-week course. This includes an initial assessment 1-1 before the course to make sure the course is suitable for your dog.
Dogs attending must be good with people, if your dog is reactive around people as well a 1-1 behavioural session is needed.
Contact us to discuss if this class is suitable for you and to book your space.


New course starts May 14th 12.30pm


“Had growly dog classes here and we now have some great coping methods and we can now go for walks stress free.”

Jessica & Heidi