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Starting Again in Spring 2022

Meg Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Perry

Adolescent Dog Classes

Helping you and your dog through the adolescent stage of your dogs life

Adolescent classes are designed specifically for dogs 3 years old and under.

Training is kind and reward based and help build the bond between you and your dog.

Classes include:

  • Socialising

  • Sit, down, stand

  • Appropriate play

  • Come when called

  • Focus on you

  • Walking nicely on lead

  • Leave it

  • Settle down

If your dog isn’t happy around people or other dogs we offer a 1-1 training session to help you.

Contact us for more information and to book your space now.

If you would like to view a class before attending with your dog please contact us first to let us know which you would like to sit in on.

Puppy Classes, Puppy Training, Puppy Soc

Puppy Socialisation & Training Classes

Start your puppy on the right track

Puppy classes are great for fun, socialisation and of course training. covering all the basics of dog training as well as covering common puppy problems experienced by many puppy owners.

Designed for young dogs under 20 weeks when the month starts, these classes help you at a very important part of your puppy’s development. If your puppy is too young why not have a 1-1 session first to help you start with the basics and join us when your puppy is old enough

Our puppy classes are run using rewarding and kind methods. Included in the puppy course is:

  • Basic pet obedience – sit, down, stand, walk nicely on and off lead, come back when called, meet and greets, leave it

  • Play and socialisation

  • Handling and grooming

  • Common at home problems such as house training, play biting, jumping up and greeting visitors

We welcome families especially if your children are old enough to get involved with the training of your puppy. Classes are well structured, positive, kind and fun.

Classes are held near Pencader, SA39 9BX.


Agility Classes

A fun and active dog sport for your dog

Fun for both dogs and their owners, agility is an obstacle course made up of jumps, tunnels, weaves and walks. It is suitable for most dogs although they have to be over 10 months. We tailor each run to your dog whether they need to start off slowly to build their fitness up or can run a full course on the first session.
Agility also offers the benefit of building your dog’s bond with you and focusing on you while others are running around!
Booking is essential as places are limited to ensure each dog has a good number of runs.

Blue & Pixie, Jack russel, JRT, Terrier,

Hoopers Classes

lower imact dog sport for all dogs and owners

Great fun for all dogs Hoopers is a lower intensity dog sport thank agility. But still instilling the same level of fun and training. Suitable for dogs of any age this sport is fun and addictive.
Hoopers includes hoops on the floor, barrels to go around and large tunnels to go through. All combining to make a course similar to agility.


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“Me being me just couldn’t be better,
I am, what I’m told, is a lush English Setter.
I adore all of life, sniffing others on four legs and saying a doggy hi,
My problem most times, is that I find it so hard to say goodbye.
My two legged mate can whistle, clap hands and call me by name,
To me it’s all great fun and simply adds to the game.
Trouble is, a lot of other two legged uprights won’t let their dogs be,
Can’t imagine what that’d be like; never allowed to run fast and free!
If I don’t hurry back to my two legged mate when told,
Other two legged uprights scream, shout and scold. [Grrrrh!!]
So for me it was off to Saturday class with Sian and Nathan at Muddy Muttz,
To learn new tricks; how to behave and ‘come back’, that was the crux.
Now after the course even my two legged mate has to admit,
That he too learnt several hundred times more than just a little bit.
So thanks Muddy Muttz, looking forward to another course,
For speaking as a canine, their training methods I fully endorse. 😁”

Ollie Setter