Doggie Workshops

Intensive Training

Designed to focus on certain aspects of dog training our workshops are run as one offs. 

Spaces limited to ensure quality of workshops and individual attention.

Workshops held include:

  • NEW! Smarty-Pooch! ***

  • NEW! Supercharge Your Dog's Recall ***

  • Focus, Reliability & Games

  • Impulse Control

  • Recall

  • Chase Recall

  • Lead Walking

  • Active Dog Sports

  • FUNdamentals *New*

  • Gundog Basics

  • Hoopers *New*

  • Helpful Hound *New*

  • Parkour Intro *New*

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"Love the session of recall. Loads of games to use to practice. Fun and friendly."

Theresa & Daisy


Workshop Dates 2020

New dates coming soon

For 2020 dates email us or subscribe using the form below and we will let you know as soon as we confirm dates

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I attended a recall training workshop here, one of the many classes offered, and I highly recommend it. Sian and Nathan give very helpful directions to find their property, and tell you right from the start how they will structure the class, so you know what to expect, which puts you at your ease straight away.

They pay attention to both you and your dog, and when they’re busy with other dogs you can take some time to put into practice what you’ve been shown. They are clearly devoted to dogs and knowledgeable about dog behaviour, and the whole atmosphere is relaxed and informal while at the same time you’re learning useful lessons and tips.

I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I learned at their workshop. The dogs have so much fun, and even my grumpy little chihuahua enjoyed herself!

Abi & Daffi


Supercharge Your Dog's Recall

4 workshops starting at the basics of focus and recall when out and about to  coming away from distractions such as other dogs and a picnic
£65 for the 4 workshops


A set of four workshops aimed at dogs that are chewing, barking too much, and generally being a pain to their owners in the house.
This set of workshops helps calm your dog down, give you ideas of what to do with your dog when he is getting boredd or hyper and turns him into a helpful dog around the house such as bringing your slippers without destroying them!
£65 for the 4 workshops

Helpful Hound

Want your dog to have a job? Or learn a few more tricks?

This workshop gives you a more helpful hound around the house
Picking up washing
Taking it out of the machine

Bringing your keys/tv remote
Messenger dog

Open and close doors

Turn on/off lights

Focus, Reliability & Games

Having fun with your dog, learning games to play, and getting your dog to listen more reliability to you even with distractions.
Also great for young family members to help them get involved in dog training.

Impulse Control

Does your dog struggle not to jump on everyone he meets? Does he steal any food in sight? Counter Surf? Chase the cat? Dive through the door running you over in the process?
If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions this workshop is for you and your dog.
We show you how to stop your dog acting on their impulses, think first, learn focus and restraint, all without having to constantly yell at your dog.
More than just a leave it, this workshop teaches you how to control your dog's impulses and have a more relaxed time with your dog.

Recall Level 1

Are you struggling to get your dog to come back when you want him to?
Would you love your dog to like you more than another dog, person or smell?
If so our recall workshop is for you and your dog.
Covering the basics of getting your dog back to you both in the house and garden as well as on low distraction walks

Chase Recall

If you have a dog with great recall, but he suddenly goes deaf the moment something moves, this is the workshop for you. Chasing squirrels, rabbits or the like is a normal dog behaviour

Lead Walking

Are you pulled everywhere by your dog? Is your dog walking you? Do you dread taking your dog out for fear of being pulled over?
Then this workshop will help you be able to walk your dog without him pulling you over, and with him looking to you and waiting for you for where to go

Dog Sports

Ever wanted to try something different with your dog?
This workshop includes an introduction to Agility, Flyball and Rally-O
Suitable for all dogs over 12 months.
All equipment and levels are tailored to each individual dog’s fitness and ability levels


Ideal for young or new dogs or dogs needing a reminder of their manners.
Teaching you and your dog the FUNdamentals of dog manners and training.
Including how to greet people / dogs,
not to jump up,
waiting politely at the door / car,
how not to snatch food from your hand / counter top.
and to respond to their name when called
and not yanking on lead to get to that awesome smell!


Low impact, fun dog sport for all dogs from 5 months.
Hoopers is similar to dog agility but includes hoops, tunnels, barrels and planks.
Great for any dog who cannot jump or climb as well as those that are active.
This workshop introduces you to this fun sport.

Gundog Basics

Do you have a gundog breed, or would just like to try something different with your dog?

Our gundog workshop teaches the basics you need to start gundog work with your dog, either for fun or to go on to field trials or working

The workshop includes

  • Sit and wait by your side

  • Send out to collect a toy

  • Bringing the toy back

  • Searching

  • Getting used to gun sounds

  • Problem solving

Games & Tricks

There are many reasons to teach your dog tricks and play games, the most important being it helps build a bond with you, their owner.
This can make training much more fun, easy and rewarding, and to top if off your dog is much more likely to listen to you in general, too.
This workshop introduces you to a variety of games and tricks to do with your dog

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