Dog Training Walks

Training Time for you Dog

Training your dog while walking is great mental and physical exercise for your dog.

This can be especially useful if you are training and need a day off from it as we can carry on the training you are doing, or if you are struggling with an element of training and need some help.

On these walks we take your dog out on their normal walk and train them while walking.
When we get back we give you a brief outline of what we covered so you know where your dog is.

We also offer these if you are needing help with your dog, we can assess your dog, do the basic training over 1-2 weeks of walks then a couple of 1-1 sessions with you to teach you how to do what we have started and how to progress it

Prices start from £25 per hour for basic issues and £35 for reactive dogs and dogs who chase.
Video notes available from your walk at an additional £15.