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Puppy Socialisation


Basic Training


Recall In Depth


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Chase Recall


Intro to Dog Sports


Lead Walking In depth


Vet Check

Many Dogs

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Puppy Training 101

For all your puppy training needs

Toilet Training, Chew Toy Training, Crate Training (and the pros and cons), Being Alone Training, Play with Humans, Play with Dogs, Play Biting/Biting Issues, Settle/Bed Training, Jumping Up, Crazy 5 Minutes, Teething, Name Association, Preparing Your Home for a Puppy, What you will Need, Establishing House Rules, Grooming/Handling, Vet Visits, Recall (coming when called), Feeding, Avoiding Guarding Behaviours, Barking, Digging, Plants and other poisonous items, Other Dogs and Owners on Walks, Training Classes, Words as Cues, Noises and Other Common Fears, Walks/Mental Stimulation, Introduction to other dogs/pets, Expectations, Adolescents.

All of this AND lifetime access for just £

Want some extra help? Add a 30 minutes video consultation for £25

Small Terrier

Puppy Socialisation 101

Helping you socialise your puppy the right way

  • Handling

  • Confidence Building

  • Body Awareness

  • People

  • Other Dogs

  • Other Animals

  • Sights, Sounds and Smells

Puppy socialsiation is much more than just playing with a few dogs, in this series we go in depth into puppy socialising helping you make your puppy well rounded as he grows up

£ for lifetime access

Small Terrier

Basic Training

Basic dog training for any age of dog

Whether you have a puppy, young dog or adult this is the idea course for starting your training

  • Push Ups

  • Handling

  • Stay

  • Send to Bed

  • Leave Food in Hand

  • Follow Me (start of lead walking)

  • Sit at a distance

  • Greet Nicely

  • Roll Over

  • Look at Me


Small Terrier

Recall Crash Course

Get your dog coming when you call

  • Intro

  • Collar Grab

  • Name Response

  • Treat & Come (chase game)

  • Come & Sit

  • Cone Basics

  • Triangle Game

  • Rewards

  • Generalising

  • Hide & Seek

  • Moving Forwards


Small Terrier

Owner Information

All those little things we should know but often forget

  • Toys

  • Treat Basics

  • Enrichment Toys

  • Rewards

  • Equipment

  • Find Your Dog's Favourite Rewards

  • Food Basics

  • Dog Training Essentials

  • Dog Law

  • Kettle training

  • Punishment

  • *Bonus* What Do I Take on a Walk With Me

£10 or free if you are a current client

Small Terrier

Clicker Training Crash Course

Getting started in clicker training or want ot get more from your tricks? This course is for you

  • How to charge a clicker

  • Different Clickers

  • Clicker vs Voice

  • Practicing Timing

  • Waht to Click

  • What to do if oyu click the wrong thing

  • How to correct mistakes

  • Advanced tricks

  • Paw

  • Head Down

  • Speak & Quiet

  • Hold

  • Duration

  • Distance


Small Terrier

Helpful Hound Lv 1

Turn your pup into a helpful hound around the home

Great for those who want or need their dog to help them around the house as well as those who want to teach their dog some more tricks

  • Open Door

  • Close Door

  • Bring Remote

  • Carry Purse

  • Item Discrimination x2

  • Pull Socks / Gloves Off

  • Turn Light On / Off

  • Get Lead

  • Find Keys / Phone


Small Terrier

Growly Dog Lv 1

For those dogs who growl, bark, lunge or otherwise react to other dogs or people

  • Touch

  • Turn

  • Behind Me

  • Legs

  • Muzzle training

  • Speak

  • Quiet

  • Look at Me

  • Find

  • Down Stay

  • Settle


Luna, Border Collie, Water, Fun, Dogs an

Gundog Lv 1

For pet dogs who want to have a go at being a gundog and for those who want an intro into the sport

  • Sit

  • Sit while moving

  • Fetch

  • Bring to Hand

  • Stop

  • Walk to Heel

  • Directional Retrieve

  • RecallHigh Jump

  • Find it